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Upload-Tool of the BonaRes Repository

A portal for soil and agricultural research data

The BonaRes Repository provides access to German national and international soil and agricultural research data and data series from agricultural long-term field experiments (LTFE). All data are described with elements from the BonaRes Metadata Schema and licensed according to Creative Commons. Additionally, datasets are described by keywords from the multilingual AGROVOC thesaurus (FAO) and get a persistent DOI which enables easy citation of research data.

The BonaRes Repository supports the FAIR principles for research data.

How to publish a dataset in the BonaRes Repository?

1. Dataset submission

First you submit your dataset preferably as csv, excel or zip-file. We analyse your dataset and integrate it into our repository.

2. Edit metadata

We send you a metadata xml file that you have to upload and complete in our Metadata Editor. Then, we will review your metadata to ensure high data reusability.

3. Publication

Your dataset will be published in the BonaRes Repository and provided with a DOI.

BonaRes Data Centre

The BonaRes Data Centre manages the BonaRes Repository and is part of the research project 'Soil as a sustainable resource for the bioeconomy' (BonaRes), which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).