The BonaRes Metadata Schema

Abstract The BonaRes metadata schema provides a description for each metadata element available in the schema. Each element contains information such as its unique ID, a clear definition, an obligation and multiplicity statement as well as the data type and its data domain. The metadata schema combines international recognized standards for the description of geospatial data (INSPIRE Directive) and research data (DataCite 4.0). The compliance with DataCite 4.0 permits the assignment of a Digital Object Identifier to the research data. The Digital Object Identifier assures reliable and unambiguous access; supports reuse of the data and allows proper attribution and credit.
Authors Philipp Gärtner, Nikolai Svoboda, Thomas Kühnert, Muqit M.A. Zoarder, Uwe Heinrich
Date of publication 2017-11-08
DOI 10.20387/bonares-5pgg-8yrp
Language English
License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Please cite as: Gärtner et al. (2017). ‘The BonaRes Metadata Schema’. BonaRes Data Centre. Available online:


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