The BonaRes Data Guideline

Abstract This data guideline provides rules for the handling, digital storage and free re-use of research data generated in the BonaRes program, while respecting the Intellectual Property Right of the owner of the research data and respecting his or her right to the first scientific use, in accordance with the requirements arising from the BonaRes program allocation of funds. The Data Guideline aims at a) a timely submission of quality approved soil research data to the BonaRes Data Centre and its central storage b) facilitate the exchange of data among BonaRes scientists c) the provision of data to the scientific community.
Authors Nikolai Svoboda, Uwe Heinrich
Date of publication 2017-01-23
DOI 10.20387/bonares-e1az-etd7
Language English
License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Please cite as: Svoboda, Nikolai and Heinrich, Uwe (2017). ‘The BonaRes Data Guideline’. BonaRes Data Centre. Available online:


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