BonaRes datasets with a DOI

List of available DOIs that were assigned for datasets that are accessible via the BonaRes Data Portal.

No. Registered Title Authors DOI
22 2019-11-07 BonaRes SIGNAL, sites, measuring points Marcus Schmidt, Anita Swieter, Maren Langhof, Diana Seserman, Rüdiger Graß, Christine Wachendorf 10.20387/bonares-4984-zwyr
21 2019-06-18 Long-term Field Experiments in Germany Meike Grosse, Wilfried Hierold 10.20387/bonares-3tr6-mg8r
20 2019-06-18 BonaRes SIGNAL: soil-N-cycling genes at Dornburg and Mariensee 2017 Lukas Beule, Marife Corre, Marcus Schmidt, Leonie Göbel, Edzo Veldkamp 10.20387/bonares-0f52-s3an
19 2019-06-03 Overview phosphorus fertilization experiments in Germany and Austria Kristin Steinfurth, Uwe Buczko 10.20387/bonares-tndg-696q
18 2019-05-27 Crop health agroforestry Beule 2019 Lukas Beule, Ena Lehtsaar, Anna Rathgeb 10.20387/bonares-xpwf-ey08
17 2019-05-10 Long-Term Fertilization Trial Dikopshof Plot Description Sabine Seidel, Hella Ahrends, Andreas Tewes, Thomas Gaiser, Hubert Hüging, Stefan Siebert, Frank Ewert 10.20387/bonares-y8a0-2z3f
16 2019-04-11 BonaRes foresight interviews 2017 - quantitative answers Anja-Kristina Techen 10.20387/bonares-hw0r-nx6m
15 2019-02-06 BonaRes SIGNAL, Site: Reiffenhausen, biomass production 2016/2017 Marcus Schmidt, Leonie Göbel, Marife D. Corre 10.20387/bonares-1b9y-806w
14 2019-02-06 BonaRes foresight interviews 2017 - qualitative answers Anja-K. Techen 10.20387/bonares-3wwy-evt4
13 2019-01-31 Semantic mapping of the BonaRes metadata schema to INSPIRE and DataCite Xenia Specka, Philipp Gärtner, Nikolai Svoboda 10.20387/bonares-3e47-r97n
12 2018-11-22 BonaRes SIGNAL, Site: Mariensee and Reiffenhausen, plant nutrient availability (N,P,K,Ca,Mg), Nutrient response efficiency (N,P,K,Ca,Mg), Nutrient uptake (N,P,K,Ca,Mg), Nutrient uptake and use efficiency (N,P,K,Ca,Mg) Leonie Göbel, Marife Corre, Marcus Schmidt, Edzo Veldkamp 10.20387/bonares-s84z-chbt
11 2018-11-22 BonaRes SIGNAL, Site: Mariensee and Reiffenhausen, soil characteristics Leonie Göbel 10.20387/bonares-fq8b-031j
10 2018-09-26 Rootlength_Diameterclasses_Harvest Maik Lucas 10.20387/bonares-vyhw-82hf
9 2018-09-26 Treatments_split_root_experiment Maik Lucas 10.20387/bonares-xdhe-ybw2
8 2018-09-26 Total_root_length_box Maik Lucas 10.20387/bonares-afgp-r4qc
7 2018-09-26 Leaf_area_sizes_chlorophyll_measurement Maik Lucas 10.20387/bonares-p7jr-5511
6 2018-09-26 Root_diameter_classes_day_of_harvest_t33 Maik Lucas 10.20387/bonares-443r-3p33
5 2018-09-26 Sprout_dry_weight Maik Lucas 10.20387/bonares-5y9k-1rrq
4 2018-09-26 CN_15N_data_splitroot Maik Lucas 10.20387/bonares-516d-wn9x
3 2018-09-26 leaf_area_growth Maik Lucas 10.20387/bonares-5hpy-4aky
2 2018-08-31 Long-term field experiment V140 Muencheberg from 1963 to 2009 - Plots Dietmar Barkusky 10.20387/bonares-bsvy-r418
1 2018-01-05 Raw data P-XANES measurements Mohsen Morshedizad 10.20387/bonares-pdy6-hhgs

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