BonaRes Series

The BonaRes Series publishes various formats related to the “BonaRes” funding initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). BonaRes is short for “Soil as a Sustainable Resource for the Bioeconomy”. The focus is on the sustainable use of soils as a limited resource. BonaRes extends the evidence base for scientists and decision-makers regarding soil systems to improve the productivity of soils and other soil functions while developing new strategies for a sustainable soil management.

The BonaRes Series is an online publication hub. Various formats of publications are possible under the conditions that these are related by content to the field of “soil as a sustainable resource for the bioeconomy” and satisfy a basic quality standard – both being assessed by an editorial process. Accepted submissions (in English or German) are provided with a DOI and published online via the BonaRes Portal Submission - of your publishable data (e.g. manuscript) and a completed meta-information template - is requested by email by the corresponding author to the BonaRes Secretariat:

BonaRes Series submission meta-information template

No. Published Title Authors DOI Views Downloads
12 2019-12-10 Data Standards for Soil- and Agricultural Research Carsten Hoffmann, Sina Schulz, Einar Eberhardt, Meike Grosse, Susanne Stein, Xenia Specka, Nikolai Svoboda, Uwe Heinrich 10.20387/BonaRes-ARM4-66M2 80 27
11 2019-09-27 Policy goals as reference points for interdisciplinary soil research Techen, A.-K.; Helming, K. 10.20387/bonares-52ta-02m9 320 55
10 2019-08-16 Handbook of Soil-Related Impact Assessment Paul, Carsten; Helming, Katharina 10.20387/bonares-6djm-e22m 405 128
9 2019-04-12 Workshop-Protokoll: Den Unterboden nutzen, um auf Trockenperioden besser vorbereitet zu sein - Eine Akzeptanzanalyse von Maßnahmen zur Aufwertung des Unterbodens Gerdes, Holger; Hinzmann, Mandy; Kiresiewa, Zoritza; Bauke, Sara L. 10.20387/bonares-w02n-h27n 397 118
8 2019-02-11 Fact Sheet for the Description of Long-Term Field Experiments / Steckbrief zur Beschreibung von Dauerfeldversuchen Grosse, M., Heinrich, U., Hierold, W. 10.20387/bonares-r56g-fgrw 585 182
7 2019-02-01 Report on available soil data for German agricultural areas (2018) Stein, S., Eberhardt, E., Grosse, M., Helming, K., Hierold, W., Hoffmann, C., Kühnert, T., Ließ, M., Russel, D.J., Schulz, S., Specka, X., Svoboda, N., Zoarder, M.A.M., Heinrich, U. 10.20387/bonares-cd4q-1pem 789 625
6 2018-11-06 SUSALPS Conference 2018 – Book of Abstracts: Montane and alpine grasslands under climate change – ways in a sustainable future Anne Schucknecht, Katrin Schneider, Ralf Kiese, Martin Wiesmeier, Michael Schloter, Anke Jentsch, Thomas Köllner, Michael Dannenmann 10.20387/bonares-r0p3-x8gn 850 328
5 2018-10-16 Overview of relevant standards for the BonaRes Program Carsten Hoffmann, Sina Schulz, Einar Eberhardt, Meike Grosse, Katrin Daedlow, David J. Russell, Thomas Kühnert, Susanne Stein, Muqit M.A. Zoarder, Xenia Specka, Nikolai Svoboda, Uwe Heinrich 10.20387/bonares-9d25-0d93 552 217
4 2018-06-01 Grünlandwirtschaft und Klimawandel - Zusammenfassung des Runden Tisches im Rahmen des SUSALPS-Projektes, durgeführt am 18. Juli 2017 am Campus Alpin des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie, Institut für Meteorologie und Klimaforschung, Atmosphärische Umweltforschung (IMK-IFU) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen Katrin Schneider, Anne Schucknecht, Michael Dannenmann, Ralf Kiese 10.20387/bonares-hv15-m61e 779 169
3 2017-11-08 The BonaRes Metadata Schema Philipp Gärtner, Nikolai Svoboda, Thomas Kühnert, Muqit M.A. Zoarder, Uwe Heinrich 10.20387/bonares-5pgg-8yrp 653 204
2 2017-09-15 Overview of relevant standards for the BonaRes-Program Carsten Hoffmann, Sina Schulz, Einar Eberhardt, Meike Grosse, Katrin Daedlow, David J. Russell, Thomas Kühnert, Susanne Stein, Muqit M.A. Zoarder, Xenia Specka, Philipp Gärtner, Nikolai Svoboda, Uwe Heinrich 10.20387/bonares-fk84-pcr9 377 219
1 2017-01-23 The BonaRes Data Guideline Nikolai Svoboda, Uwe Heinrich 10.20387/bonares-e1az-etd7 320011 241

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